Thank you for Your interest In Freetown Road Project Catering!

The Prices are displayed  half tray/full tray prices


Choba (Eggplant)for $40.00/$80.00


Vegetable Curry (Chickpeas) $40.00/$90.00

Mixed salad greens $30.00

Plantains $25.00/$45.00

Baked Mac And Cheese $25.00/$50.00

Rice (white) (yellow with black eye peas) $25.00/$50.00

seasonal vegetable mix $25.00/$40.00


Jerk Chicken $50.00/$90.00

Stewed Chicken $55.00/$90.00

Curry chicken on the bone w/ carrots and onions $55.00/$95.00

Oxtail stew w/ carrots $95.00/$165.00

Fried fish Market price


Bread pudding $35.00/$65.00

Rice pudding $28.00/$50.00

Rum Cake Brownies $40.00/$75.00

Cupcakes $20.00/$40.00


Ginger beer


Cakes! please ask for details it based on what you prefer.

Please let us know if you have any questions. The prices include ingredients that we need to make the dish.

We require half of the total agreed at least a week before the event and the remaining after delivery.

We accept pay pal, Venmo, cash app and checks, if it must be cash, we will write out a formal receipt with our logo stamp for authenticity.

If we must bring equipment and set up the food, there will be a delivery charge of 175 per 25 miles distance to pay the driver and staff to deliver the goods and equipment.